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Welcome to Pirates of Grill

Pirates of Grill brought the concept of live grills on the table, coupled with the story of pirates cooking their own grills. An idea that soon caught on and became the talk of the town.

Pirates of Grill as the name suggests, is a Grill restaurant that offers an experience beyond the ordinary. Over the years Restaurateur Inderjeet Banga has secured a snowballing increase of Biggie Hospitality’s operations by establishing 8 Pirates of the Grill and counting. Pirates of Grill has adopted a long-term brand building strategy focused on creating a loyal and sustainable customer base. The restaurant is famed for its buffet style eating; vibrant interiors, spacious ambience, comfortable seating, delectable food and superlative service making it a go to place for any age group. It goes the extra mile to prepare fresh quality food that tastes great every time. The vision is to redefine and fulfill consumer appetite for new taste sensations with carefully developed recipes that appeal to all tastes. We expect to revitalize the concept of buffet style eating pleasure once again to markets that are bored with the mundane. We cater to global trends of healthier eating and appeal to all senses and the fast lifestyles of the modern society.


Goals & Vision

To create an exceptional guest experience by serving excellent food, excellent service – straight from the Heart